Year 1: Late May

Episode 14, Update on outside crops, planting out leeks, harvesting salads, potatoes and netting up the fruit cage.

25th May 2010

Bunty gives an update on the outside vegetables carrots 'Amsterdam Forcing' & 'Flyaway', parsnips 'Gladiator', climbing French beans 'Purple Teepe' & 'Cobra', beetroot 'Barabietola di Choggia', 'Cylindra' & 'Golden', pumkin 'Ichiki Kuri', butternut squash 'Hunter', Vegetable Spagetti, courgette 'Defender', radish 'French Breakfast', lettuce 'Little Gem', Belize' & Bijou', sweetcorn 'Lark'. The leeks 'Bandit' are planted out and Bunty shows her own quick way of doing this. The kohlrabi 'Olivia' are ready for harvest, the black currants 'Ben Sarek' are forming up and the fruit cage netting is put on. Bunty turns out the first of the early potatoes 'Maris Bard' in pots, picks salad carrots 'Amsterdam Forcing' from the polytunnel and demonstrates how to side-shoot the tomatoes 'Olirose'.

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