Year 1: Early June

Episode 15, Making Comfrey fertilizer, sowing main crops and harvests French Beans.

5th June 2010

Bunty explains and demonstrates how to make comfrey liquid fertilizer. She transplants the thinnings of the beetroot 'Barabietola di Choggia', 'Cylindra' & 'Golden'. She sows main crop carrots 'Flakkee' & 'James Scarlett Intermediate' and explains the slowing in the speed of growth after midsummer. She sows leaf beat 'Erbette', winter raddish 'Minowase', Chinese cabbage 'Nikko', Chinese broccoli 'Kailaan' & Florence Fennel. Bunty shows how much space is needed for pumkins and squashes. Plants out cauliflower 'North Forelander' under a new type of fleece called 'Environtect'. Finally Bunty picks Kohlrabi leaves and the first of the climbing french beans (Polytunnel).

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