Year 1: Early August

Episode 18, Weeding, sowing, topping blighted crop, sweetcorn bait and harvesting.

5th August 2010

Bunty explains the importance of keeping your weeds down to prevent slugs and demonstrates more hoeing. She sows cabbage 'Duncan' and pulls up all the onions 'Red Baron', 'Hercules' & 'Stetton' laying them out to dry. She does the same to garlic 'Lautrec Wight' and then demonstrates why you leave legumes roots in the soil (all beans and peas) when clearing the crop. Bunty also tops the blighted potato follage and earths up to protect the crop from daylight. She harvests dwarf French beans 'Purple Tepee', vegetable spagetti, climbing French bean 'Cobra', fennel 'Florence', Chinese cabbage 'Nikko' and white radish 'Minnowase'. Bunty picks the early sweetcorn 'Lark' for eating and recycles the cobs as slug bait after dark.

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