Year 1: Late April

Episode 11, Earthing up Potatoes, sowing, weeding and planting.

25th April 2010

Bunty sows more beans 'Cobra' & 'Purple Tipee' (polytunnel) and plants the sweetcorn 'Lark' seedlings outside under cloches.  She earths up the early potatoes 'Maris Bard' and weeds the onions 'Red Baron', 'Stetton' & 'Hercules' with a hoe.  Sows more raddish 'French Breakfast' and plants out the Brussels sprouts 'Maximus' in the brassica bed.  The Celariac 'Monarch' and Celery 'Loretta' seedlings are planted outside.  The next sweetcorn 'Lark' seedlings are moved out to the polytunnel (insulated area) and the tomatoes 'Olirose' are planted in the ground within the polytunnel.

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