Year 1: Early May

Episode 12, Propagation, weeding and planting out, harvesting salads.

5th May 2010

Bunty goes back to the propagator and sows more sweetcorn 'Lark' and takes the resown beans 'Purple Teepee' & 'Cobra' out to the polytunnel.  She explains the importance of weeding the plot regularly with a hoe and demonstrates.  Back in the polytunnel Bunty plants out the peppers 'World Beater', chilli 'Hungarian Wax', melon 'Sweetheart', Cape Gooseberry and cucumber 'Flamingo'.  Outside in the brasica bed cauliflower 'North Forelander', 'Mystique' & 'Maystar' are sown.  The swedes 'Marian' are sown in rich soil, the coldframe is removed from the leeks 'Bandit' and brussels sprouts 'Maximus' which are then covered in fleece.   More salads raddish 'French Breakfast', lettuce 'Little Gem', Belize' & 'Bijou', are sown (outside) and harvested in the polytunnel along with the spinach 'Scenic'.  The first batch of Rocket is cleared and the next batch sown.

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