Year 1: Late June

Episode 16, Succession crops, mole repellants, an update from the fruit cage and harvesting roots and courgettes.

25th June 2010

Bunty shows the succession of sweetcorn 'lark' planting, pulls up red onions 'Red Baron' which have gone to seed and plants onions 'Bristol' grown from seed. She shows the good germination of the carrots 'Flakkee' & 'James Scarlett Intermediate' and the useful mole repelling plant 'Caper Spurge'. Updates the fruit cage showing how to trim tall canes and harvest raspberries 'Malling Jewel' , blackcurrants 'Ben Sarek' & Red currants. Bunty looks at the melons 'Sweetheart' and shows how to stop the growth. She harvests beetroot 'Barabietola Di Choggia', carrot 'Flyaway', courgette 'Defender', broad bean 'The Sutton', pea 'Sugar Snap' and compares the early potatoes 'Maris Bard' grown under straw and in the ground.

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