Year 1: Late August

Episode 19, Sowing winter salads, removing spent crops and harvesting squashes, peppers and soft fruit.

25th August 2010

Bunty prepares and sows the winter salad crops lettuce 'Little Gem', 'Lattughino', 'May King', Mizuna, pak choi 'Joi Choi, Claytonia & Wild Rocket in the polytunnel. The red spider mite has got to the indoor beans 'Cobra' so they are removed. She explains why the melons 'Sweetheart ' have had to be pulled out and has moved the onions and garlic into the polytunnel to finish drying. Bunty updates us on the pea 'Sugar Snap' crops. She shows how to train the courgettes and explains the importance of taking out spent crops and sowing green manures or composting. Bunty harvests pumkin 'Ichiki Kuri', butternut squash 'Hunter', leaf beet 'Erbette', Kholrabi, autumn raspberries 'Autumn Bliss' and peppers 'Worldbeater'. Bunty finished with another slugging tip.

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