Year 1: Early September

Episode 20, Tying up onions and garlic, cabbage protection, harvest squashes.

5th September 2010

Bunty shows how to tie up the onions 'Stetton' & 'Hercules' and garlic 'Lautrec Wight', plants out the spring cabbage 'Duncan' and shows how to protect them from slugs and birds. It is time to gather in the pumpkins 'Ikichi Kuri', butternut squash 'Hunter' & Spaghetti Marrow and lay them out in a dry spot protecting them from frost, rot and condensation. This month Bunty harvests Cape Gooseberry, brussels spouts 'Maximus', celariac 'Monach', celery 'Loretta', swede 'Marian' and leek 'Bandit'.

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