Year 1: Early October

Episode 21, Winter crops sown and onions for next year planted out.

5th October 2010

Bunty introduces the second sowing late summer crops winter raddish 'Minnowase', fennel 'Florence' and Chinese cabbage 'Nikko' which are now ready for harvest. She looks at the different beetroot varieties 'Cylindra', 'Golden' and 'Bara Di Chioggio'. The potatoes 'Desiree' under straw are being eaten and Bunty gives tips for storing. The third sowing of peas 'Suger Snap' are harvested and the spent early plants cleared. Bunty looks at the finished sweetcorn 'Lark' and thins the winter salad crops. The Lemon Grass (in a pot) is harvested and more winter lettuce 'Lattughino' and 'May King' are sown. Next year's early crop of onions 'Japanese Shenshyu' and 'Electric' have been planted out.

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