Year 1: Late October

Episode 22, Clearing and manuring plot, gathering seed and cleaning Polytunnel.

25th October 2010

Bunty has cleared the sweetcorn, peas, beans, squashes, pumpkins, courgettes and Spaghetti Marrow plants and manured all the cleared areas in the garden while it is dry. Bunty shows how to gather seed from the peas 'Sugar Snap' and French beans 'Cobra'. The autumn sown Japanese onions 'Senshyu' and 'Electric' are weeded with the onion hoe. This draw hoe has fine spring steel replaceable blades (see more info in part 5) and Bunty tries the large (170mm) blade. She plants autumn garlic using some of the crop that planted this time last year. Bunty looks at the Cape Gooseberry and harvests the hot pepper 'Hungarian Wax'. Bunty cleans the polytunnel and harvests the parsnips 'Gladiator'.

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