Year 1: Early November

Episode 23, Filling the compost heap, cut and come again salads and dividing spring onions.

5th November 2010

Bunty harvests the last of the peppers 'World Beater' and puts the plants on the compost heap.  She plants out the second batch of winter lettuce 'May King' & 'Lattughino'.  Outside, the last of the cut and come again lettuce 'Belize' are still growing and Bunty shows all the other autumn salad crops still good for harvest celery 'Lauretta', winter radish 'Minowase', beetroot 'Barabietola Di Choggio', carrots 'James Scarlet intermediate', chinese cabbage 'Mikko', celariac 'Monach', fennel 'Florence', lettuce 'Little Gem', Mizuna, Claytonia, Wild Rocket & Coriander.  Bunty shows how to divide up and plant out Welsh Spring Onions and sows the over wintering broad beans 'Super Aquadulce'.

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