Year 2: Late January

Episode 26, Planting soft fruit, growing Rhubarb and cleaning Polytunnels.

25th January 2011

Bunty shows how to prune the currants - black 'Ben Sarek', red 'Jan Van Tets' & 'Stanza' and white 'White Versailles' and Raspberries 'Malling Jewel', 'Leo', Himbo Star' & 'Autumn Bliss'. The ground covered by black plastic a year ago is uncovered and blueberries 'Hertbert', 'Northland' & 'Earlyblue' are planted in the newly formed soil with additional lime free compost. Bunty explains and demonstrates how to grow rhubarb 'Timperley Early' & 'Strawberry' and checks on the broad beans under cloches. In the polytunnel Bunty cleans the plastic to let in more light and improves the soil in order to sow more salads 'Mizuna', raddish 'French Breakfast', spinach 'Scenic' and calabrese 'Parthenon'. Finally Bunty comments on the new type of potatoes 'Sarpo Miro' she will be trying this year.

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