Year 2: Mid July

Episode 32, Collecting carrot seed, harvesting Calabrese and garden planning.

15th July 2011

Bunty shows how to collect carrot 'Jane Scarlet Intermediate' seed. Digs up Shallots and looks at the onion crop 'Red Baron & Santero'. Harvests the calabrese 'Parthenon' and shows the many uses for enviromesh with brasica crops and cabbages 'Duncan'. Bunty talks through her veg garden plan and shows the importance of getting the right variety for your needs such as Sugar Bon and shows runner beans 'Czar' for butterbeans. The potato crop 'Sarpo Mira' suvived the blight but 'Desiree & Charlotte' didn't. The soft and hard necked garlic 'Provence Wight & Lautrec Wight' are harvested. Finally the first of the Blueberry crop is harvested and Bunty signs out with this final episode.

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