Year 1: Mid March

Episode 08, Sowing Broad Beans, Peas, French Beans, Sweetcorn and checking on the salad crops.

15th March 2010

Bunty shows how to sow broad beans 'The Sutton ' and peas 'Suger Snap '.  She weeds the salad seedlings carrots 'Amsterdam Forcing', lettuce 'Little Gem', 'Bijou', 'Belize', rocket, radish 'French Breakfast', coriander 'Leisure', claytonia (polytunnel), checks on the leeks 'Bandit', Brussels sprouts 'Maximus', early potatoes and garlic 'Lautrec Wight' (outside) before sowing sweetcorn 'Lark'  in root trainers and some climbing French bean 'Cobra' in pots.

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