Year 1: Late March

Episode 09, Dividing and potting on seedlings, sowing more roots and thinning salads.

25th March 2010

Bunty divides seedlings in pots and takes cucumber 'Flamingo', tomato 'Oli Rose', sweetcorn 'Lark' and climbing French Bean 'Cobra' out to the polytunnel to grow on.  She has planted more potatoes and prepares and sows her root crops, beetroot 'Barabietola di Choggia', carrot 'Amsterdam Forcing and Flyaway' protected by enviromesh and organic slug pellets.  Also sows parsnip 'Gladiator' for the winter.  Bunty moves the Kohlrabi from the root trainer and shows how to plant the seedlings outside.  Dandelions weeded with serrated knife.  The lettuce 'Little Jem', 'Bijou' and 'Belize' in the polytunnel are thinned and the thinings are moved outside under Easy Tunnel Cloches.

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