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Mar 18th 2014, 03:27


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Hi bunty, well last week all the enthusiastic allomentiers were out. Loverly weather, but my new neighbour has the dreaded bindweed. Now I have told him my old fashion tip of - take out as much as possibly on the first dig. Again on the finer prep, and on the planting stage one last look. After I told him that he was a bit put off so I wondered if you had something to help
Mar 20th 2014, 12:44


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Bindweed is challenging, so is ground elder and couch grass, they all have white creeping roots and can appear from nowhere. If you can dig the area over, search through the soil with a fine tooth comb for white roots, then do it all again, and again - it will save you time in the end. If you don't need to use the area this year, then cover it with black plastic for the whole season. Otherwise it takes supreme vigilance to notice each new shoot of the bindweed as it comes through the soil and cut it out with a knife or hoe - that will eventually kill it.
I had it amongst my raspberries and have had to take the whole lot out and go through this process and will keep vigilant this year for any bits of root I missed. Each little piece will become a plant !
Good luck