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Seed potato suppliet

Jan 29th 2014, 06:15


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Good evening Bunty,
I hope you are well. Your last tweet was in August and since then I have not seen any activity.
I have bought our seed potatoes this year from a Scottish supplier (http://www.jbaseedpotatoes.co.uk/) and they cost me much cheaper than last year and so far among all the 2.5 kg bags I have opened I have only seen one potato with small cut. Last year when I bought from another supplier in the south England they had lots of cut and mouldy potatoes.
I choose my potatoes by looking up for each variety in the Potato Book by Alan Roman (Frances Lincoln Limited Publishers. I bought it from Foyles bookshop in London) which contains the most descriptive and illustrated list of all potato varieties available in the UK.
I noticed that JBA SEED had all of them in their comprehensive web site, plus many sundries (hessiyan sacks, planter bags, chicken manure fertilizer and even onions and shallots and garlic!).
They also sell 25 kg bags for those who want to grow more.
I thought others may like to know about this since I noticed many only know very mundane and ordinary places with limited variety. I like to call JBA Seeds of Scotland as Potato Haven!
By the way I like your videos very much. I watch them before going to allotment as I find them very inspiring. Unfortunately lately I noticed that when I want to watch them on TV the full screen option of Vimeo is disabled and only the video can be watched with other contents of website on the screen yet visible.
With kind regards
Feb 6th 2014, 02:04


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Thank you for your message. Sorry about the videos not behaving - we'll try and sort that out and I wish you a successful year with your potatoes. As you say, it's good to try lots of different varieties and to have confidence in your supplier, so thanks for suggesting a good one.
I stopped tweeting because my computer went on a go slow and I was exasperated, but I was given an IPad for Xmas so I will start again soon.