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Snails and Slugs

Jun 10th 2013, 09:07


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What IS the best way to deal with these pesky critters? I've tried jam jars filled with beer buried under rocks. The beer gets drunk alright, then my kale and broccoli shoots still get demolished.

I'm beginning to think I'm simply providing refreshments for their main course! Any suggestions of environmental slug / snail control would be most welcome.
Jun 11th 2013, 00:56


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I don't use beer traps because they also trap the little black ground beetles which eat slugs and slugs eggs, you need to encourage them. Keep your garden free from weeds, hoe regularly to break up the soil, and go out at *&%ht with a torch and scissors and chop them in half. See episodes 17,18 and 19 for more ideas, especially the sweetcorn cob bait which if used relentlessly through the summer and autumn, will rid your garden of slugs altogether.