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Starting peas and beans

Apr 10th 2013, 12:14


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I just wanted to ask as i get confused as to weather peas and beans are planted every month or more frequent to keep a constant supply.
Can i plant peas in a row and then some more on the same row later so that the new ones take over when the previous ones have finished or should i just start a new row each time.
I am getting worried as haven't got anything in the ground at all yet but seedlings are growing i am further up North than yourself will it be ok and will everything catch up anyway?
Many Thanks
Apr 13th 2013, 03:40


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I usually sow peas in 3 batches each using a third of a row, starting in early March until mid-June and this will produce peas throughout the season.
French or runner beans are more tender and are sown in May but will carry on cropping until the Autumn. An earlier crop can be started in pots somewhere warm and planted out in May but they usually run out of steam by September. Some varieties ( eg french bean 'Cobra') don't mind growing under cover and I have some all ready to be planted in the polytunnel border in the next few days, and they will start producing by the end of May and crop incredibly prolifically, but are prone to attack by Red Spider Mite which can be dealt with with a biological control.
Hope that makes things a bit clearer
Apr 17th 2013, 07:23


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Many thanks for that advise it does help
I also wanted to ask i have a wood burning stove but i always start my fire with firelighters
so i have never taken any wood ash out for the veg plot.
Can i use it if using firelighters?
I have a garden incinerater so i was thinking of burning some old tree branches at my plot
and using that.
Is it good as a tomato feed and can it be use as soon as cool.
Have you ever made compost tea with the fish filter business?
Sorry a lot of questions.
Many Thanks