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Time to cover carrots Landyman on 9/9/15
I cover the carrots when I sow them as they are vulnerable from the moment of germination. September is quite a bad time for carrot fly so you may find your carrot seedlings have already been attacked, but I would cover them anyway in case they haven't. Best of luck!
Gardening club anwalfar on 3/4/15
Dear Anne Walsh, yes please go ahead and use buntysblog films at your meetings and I hope your members will find them informative.
Apart from the 'specials' which each cover one (mainly perennial) crop throughout the year, the other films were made so you could follow the progress of a multitude of crops from seed to harvest every couple of weeks or so over the 18 month vegetable growing cycle.
The website has been designed so that the current ones ie. Early April year 1 and 2 come up on the home page automatically with easy access to the one before and the one after.
I hope Spring has sprung with you now, though I keep seeing snow in the forecast for Scotland !
greedy bug darktaffy on 21/4/14
Don't know, but if hasn't damaged the crop, don't worry about it.
next door darktaffy on 20/3/14
Bindweed is challenging, so is ground elder and couch grass, they all have white creeping roots and can appear from nowhere. If you can dig the area over, search through the soil with a fine tooth comb for white roots, then do it all again, and again - it will save you time in the end. If you don't need to use the area this year, then cover it with black plastic for the whole season. Otherwise it takes supreme vigilance to notice each new shoot of the bindweed as it comes through the soil and cut it out with a knife or hoe - that will eventually kill it.
I had it amongst my raspberries and have had to take the whole lot out and go through this process and will keep vigilant this year for any bits of root I missed. Each little piece will become a plant !
Good luck
wet winter darktaffy on 7/2/14
A ditch and drainage on the uphill side of my plot made all the difference some years ago, and years of adding compost/manure, grit and limestone to very poor beginnings has created a good crumbly soil which I can work whenever the rain stops. I mulched all available areas in the autumn before the rains began which has helped, and most of the sowing work this month will be in the polytunnel, propagator or cold frame. Hopefully by the end of the month it will have dried up a bit. Usually by April and May, we are crying out for rain!