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Starting peas and beans Apr 10th 2013, 12:14 3 5,592 on 17/4/13
Using Own Compost Feb 23rd 2013, 10:06 3 3,913 on 3/3/13
Thank you Bunty Feb 6th 2013, 05:27 2 3,966 on 6/2/13

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Starting peas and beans happyhens on 17/4/13
Many thanks for that advise it does help
I also wanted to ask i have a wood burning stove but i always start my fire with firelighters
so i have never taken any wood ash out for the veg plot.
Can i use it if using firelighters?
I have a garden incinerater so i was thinking of burning some old tree branches at my plot
and using that.
Is it good as a tomato feed and can it be use as soon as cool.
Have you ever made compost tea with the fish filter business?
Sorry a lot of questions.
Many Thanks
Starting peas and beans happyhens on 10/4/13
I just wanted to ask as i get confused as to weather peas and beans are planted every month or more frequent to keep a constant supply.
Can i plant peas in a row and then some more on the same row later so that the new ones take over when the previous ones have finished or should i just start a new row each time.
I am getting worried as haven't got anything in the ground at all yet but seedlings are growing i am further up North than yourself will it be ok and will everything catch up anyway?
Many Thanks
Using Own Compost happyhens on 3/3/13
many thanks
Using Own Compost happyhens on 23/2/13
I have managed to make some good compost and wondered if it is ok to use it to start
my seedlings off if i sieve it as much as possible?
Thank you Bunty happyhens on 6/2/13
Hi Bunty
I just wanted to let you know that last spring i started growing veg for the first time and i watched your videos over and over again.I was worried as my plot is big and i bought a polytunnel so i jumped in at the deep end
but it was something i always wanted to do.It was and still is successful.
I couldn't have done it without you.
Many Thanks