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Making compost JerEne on 23/4/21
To make a good compost you must first have a good composter* in your garden where you can throw green waste.

By filling up the composter, the compost will take shape automatically, packed to the maximum the green waste for a better functioning of the decomposition process, you can add and it is still advisable to use a compost activator on this link, which will accelerate the process.

Think that the compost needs to be in contact with the soil, because it is a big source of microorganisms that are essential for your compost.

The best place for a compost heap is in the shade because a too hot situation will dry it out. Remember to water it if it is too dry and to cover it to avoid leaching.

The compost will become mature after 6 months between spring and summer, however the decomposition process is much longer between fall and winter which varies between 6 to 9 months.