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greedy bug darktaffy on 20/4/14
Thanks for the last answer great. Now one of the fellow allomentiers from another site came onto ours and noticed notches in my broad bean leaves. In all the years I've grown broad beans I never payed much attention to this problem as it hasn't actually damaged the crop. But now mentioned and the name of the culprit I've started to wonder about this vine weevil and how to get rid of the greedy bug. Help!
next door darktaffy on 18/3/14
Hi bunty, well last week all the enthusiastic allomentiers were out. Loverly weather, but my new neighbour has the dreaded bindweed. Now I have told him my old fashion tip of - take out as much as possibly on the first dig. Again on the finer prep, and on the planting stage one last look. After I told him that he was a bit put off so I wondered if you had something to help
wet winter darktaffy on 7/2/14
Hi bunty,I'm from the other side of wales(east) and the ground is saturated. most of our good seed suppliers have the usual potatoes seed,onion,challot but not even the toughest of allotmentiers havent even done a stitch.is it the same over your side.p.s be gentle its my first time