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Gardening club anwalfar on 9/4/15
Hi Bunty

Thanks. That is great. The weather has been glorious this past week and I have got a lot done. I'm in the central belt and we only get really bad weather occasionally though we usually get a lot of rain.

Gardening club anwalfar on 2/4/15
Hi Bunty

I saw your article in the Oganic Way and wondered if you would allow us to use some of your films at our Gardening Club. We are about 20 members - not all vegetable growers and not all organic but we are finding it hard to get speakers for our monthly meetings. The annual programme is currently being drawn up as our AGM is on 21st April.

I was introduced to the club when I was asked to speak on composting through an organisation I volunteer with.

We are based south west of Edinburgh.

Anne Walsh