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Smallholding Life In Pembrokeshire VDAY on 3/5/17
Dear Bunty,
It is a while I have not seen any activity in your website. I hope you are alright. I was watching your videos since the time you were putting them in YouTube. You inspired me to start an allotment, and now near the age of retirement I wished to know how is life in Pembrokeshire. I have a few questions:
Are there any hospitals or pharmacy nearby? I mean such things are not a problem there?
How is the internet speed there?
If you need to do shopping is there supermarkets near where you live?
How is delivery of goods through post or companies like Argos?
I am looking around in websites for a property like yours, but there are not many like it, and the prices of good ones are high ( only can afford up to £300K).
I would be grateful if you had the time to answer.
Kind Regards