Year 1: Early April

Episode 10, Germinating, preparing ground, more sowing and weeding.

5th April 2010

Bunty shows us the different germination between biodynamic and non biodynamic sowing of broad beans 'The Sutton' and prepares the ground for climbing beans 'Corba' and sweetcorn 'Lark'.  She sows more radish 'French Breakfast' (outside) and Brasicas: curly kale 'Pentland Brigg', broccoli 'Wok Brokk' & 'Early and Late purple sprouting', cabbage 'January King', Brussels sprouts 'Wellington' and also a row of lettuce 'Little Gem' under fleece in a seed bed outside.  She introduces her hardening off area, weeds the carrots in the polytunnel and plants out climbing French Beans 'Cobra'.  Demonstrates potting on seedlings and moves tomato 'Olirose', pepper 'World Beater', chilli 'Hungarian Wax', melon 'Sweetheart', Cape Goosberry and cucumbers 'Flamingo' to the polytunnel.  She sows more Rocket and finishes the thinning, Harvesting the first crop of Rocket and Radish 'French Breakfast'.  She continues inside sowing butternut squash 'Hunter', pumpkin 'Ichiki Kuri', Vegetable Spagetti and courgette 'Defender'.

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